How come Croydon Council spent £50m more than Brent on its new HQ and got less for it?

Over the last few years Croydon Tories have been telling the public what great value for money they achieved when building their £140 million new HQ, Bernard Weatherill House. Or how spending £3 million on new chairs and tables for all staff, regardless of how old the previous furniture. Croydon Tories argued that by selling … Continue reading

80 Flats (mostly private) to be built on Council owned land on Morland Road

On 24th April 2014 Croydon Council Strategic Planning Committee will receive a presentation on plans to build 80 flats on the Morland Road site of the former Social Services building, Rees House, and the former NHS building, Morland Lodge. The plan for the site includes 64 private flats for outright … Continue reading