Stanhope’s pre-application plan for East Croydon Gateway Site

Details of Stanhope’s proposals for the Gateway site at East Croydon are to be looked at by the Council’s strategic planning committee on 30th September 2010. The papers states the proposal is for The proposal is for: •   Approximately 500 residential units; •   Approximately 100,000m2 commercial / office space; •   … Continue reading

Tingatinga Exhibition, 3rd July 2010 until 27th August 2010 in the Space C Gallery at the Croydon Clocktower

Tingatinga_Flyer Stef Van den Heuvel and his wife, who are local Addiscombe residents, have organised a free exhibition of Tingatinga art at Croydon Clocktower. Many of us won’t know what this art is or where it is from but the following from Stef may be a good guide of what … Continue reading