Taking action to improve East Croydon Station and its surroundings

Saturday, 12th December 2015, local residents and Labour activists from Addiscombe and Fairfield Wards, along with Marina Ahmad, Labour’s candidate for Croydon & Sutton, did a walkabout around East Croydon to see what improvements can be made to make the station and the local area a better, safer and nicer … Continue reading

The new Local Plan: briefing note on how the new plan relates to Addiscombe

This section covers the sites and issues that relate to the Addiscombe and to the part of the Town Centre (Croydon Opportunity Area) that overlap around East Croydon Station. Cllr Sean Fitzsimons comments in italic. Consultation Periods for comments: 6th Nov to 18 Dec 2015. Length set be planning law. … Continue reading

The new Local Plan for Croydon: Background information

This sets out the background to why Croydon Council is consulting on a change to its Local Plan, the planning documents that provide the rules on what can and can’t be built, and where it can and can’t in Croydon. The next post will have more detailed changes about Addiscombe. … Continue reading

Paying for Green Waste: Tough choices in tough financial times

No one wants to pay for a service they previously got for free, but when the choice is about cutting care and support for the elderly, the vulnerable, or the young, or protecting a non-statutory service, then it is a decision that has to be made. Croydon currently spends £1.6million … Continue reading

Addiscombe Councillor to be new Mayor of Croydon from May 2015

At the Council Meeting on the 26th January 2015, it was announced that local Addiscombe Councillor, Cllr Patricia Hay-Justice will be the new Mayor of Croydon for the 2015/16 municipal year, starting 20th May 2015. Patricia, who has been an Addiscombe Councillor since 2010, has been the Deputy Mayor this … Continue reading

How come Croydon Council spent £50m more than Brent on its new HQ and got less for it?

Over the last few years Croydon Tories have been telling the public what great value for money they achieved when building their £140 million new HQ, Bernard Weatherill House. Or how spending £3 million on new chairs and tables for all staff, regardless of how old the previous furniture. Croydon Tories argued that by selling … Continue reading