The new Local Plan: briefing note on how the new plan relates to Addiscombe

This section covers the sites and issues that relate to the Addiscombe and to the part of the Town Centre (Croydon Opportunity Area) that overlap around East Croydon Station. Cllr Sean Fitzsimons comments in italic. Consultation Periods for comments: 6th Nov to 18 Dec 2015. Length set be planning law. … Continue reading

Refurbishment works start on Old Ashburton Library

It is pleasing to see the election pledge made by Croydon Labour to stop the sell-off of the old Ashburton Library and bring it back into community use is now being met. The building, which the previous Conservative regime said was worth only £85,000, has now been made weather-tight, and … Continue reading

Buses return to Spring Lane

Ashburton Labour councillors welcome the return of buses to Spring Lane following a lengthy absence.

From 14 February, both the 130 and 312 buses return to the bridge. After five years of delays under the Conservative administration this is another Ashburton promise kept by the new ward members.

Ashburton Ward councillor, Cllr Stephen Mann said,

“I am delighted we have finally reached an end of this sorry saga. After nearly five years Ashburton residents have the 312 and 130 buses back on their original routes. When we first became the Action Team we campaigned on this important issue on behalf of Ashburton residents and we are delighted that, as councillors, we have been able to deliver on another of our local campaign promises for the ward.”

If you would like further information on this matter please contact Stephen on

Addiscombe Councillors, who represents the residents of the Morland Road area, which have now lost the use of these two bus routes, are now pressing for an improved 197 bus route, with a more reliable and frequent timetable. We have made our concerns known to both Croydon Council and Transport for London (TFL). Please let us know if you have any concerns on

Meeting on future of Ashburton Libary, 24th November, 7.30pm at the Oasis Academy

Local Ashburton Ward Councillors and Sarah Jones, Labour’s candidate for Croydon Central, have organised a public consultation evening on the future of old Ashburton Library, and residents of Addiscombe, Woodside and Ashburton Wards have been invited to attend. It starts at 7pm on Monday 24th November 2014 at Oasis Park … Continue reading