New Secondary School for Addiscombe on Morland Road

At the October 2017 planning committee Croydon gave approval to the Department of Education’s application to build a 900 pupil Secondary School on the sites of the old Social Services building, Rees House, and a NHS building, Morland Lodge, both of these were on Morland Road. It is expected these old buildings will be demolished shortly. The new school will be ready for its first year of entry in September 2019.

Over the last few years Croydon has seen a large increase in the number of children under eleven, which has meant that Croydon Council has increased the number of primary school places across the borough, and so we have seen expansion of local schools such as Ark Oval and new primary schools such as Robert Fitzroy Academy. As this cohort of children has got older, Croydon has had to plan new Secondary School provision, and one of the areas with a lack of secondary school places is the East Croydon/Addiscombe area, especially as this is where we’ve had a huge growth in new housing.

Up to the early 1980s Addiscombe had a Secondary School on corner of Brampton Road and Davidson Road, but this was mothballed at the time due to falling school rolls. This site is now used by the Robert Fitzroy Academy, which is currently expanding to four forms of entry. Due to the built up nature of Addiscombe and East Croydon the old social services buildings on Morland Road was the only large affordable site locally on which to build a secondary school. Otherwise, the school would have to have been built far away from the area, and this would have meant increased car traffic and public transport demands.

As local councillors we supported the provision of a new school locally, but we had concerns about noise, and in particular, about traffic management issues. We were therefore supportive of the planning committee additional requirement to beef up the school traffic plan from a Bronze Standard to the higher Gold Standard. This will mean the school will take a more active approach to reduce the use of cars by parents and staff, plus better road safety measures on Morland Road. This has been written into the planning consent.

No occupation of the building shall take place until a Travel Plan, which shall include a
commitment for the School to achieve TFL STARS GOLD accreditation, a commitment to update
the Travel Plan annually, details of the voluntary 200m pickup and drop-off exclusion zone and for the school to encourage use of sustainable modes of Transport has been submitted to and
approved by the Local Planning Authority and shall be implemented in accordance with the
approved details.” Planning condition Oct 2017.

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Councillor for Addiscombe Ward, 1994-2006, re-elected in May 2010 along with Mark Watson and Patricia Hay-Justice. Since May 2014 Chair of Scrutiny. Lives locally in Addiscombe.
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