Consultation on CPZ extension around Exeter Road


Residents who live in roads near Exeter Road have recently received a letter and consultation questionnaire from Croydon Council Highways Department about whether you want your road to be part of a Controlled Parking Zone. The deadline response is Wednesday 15th November 2017. Details of the letters sent to those roads affected and the Frequently asked questions are copied below.

As Local Councillors we can give residents an assurance that the CPZ will only be extended to those roads where a majority of respondents have voted in favour. It will not be imposed on any roads that vote against the proposals.

It is clear that many residents have concerns about commuter parking, and some roads suffer from this more than other. The Council is consulting a larger area than just Exeter Road as we know that there is a knock-on effect of displaced parking if one road adopts controlled parking.

Even if you are not a car-owner please make sure that you respond to this consultation as it is important that all voices are heard.

Letter from Croydon Highways Department

Date:  23 October 2017

Dear Occupier,

Proposed Extension of Croydon (East Outer Permit Area) Controlled Parking Zone 

Area of Addiscombe being consulted by Croydon Council.

I am writing to ask for your views on the proposal to extend the Croydon (East Outer Permit Area) Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) into the area shown on the enclosed map, which includes your road. The proposal is a direct response to a petition received from residents of Exeter Road, requesting that the Council develop a residents’ permit scheme to address the parking problems in this area. Officers reported the petition to the Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC), on 5 October 2016 after which permission to carry out this consultation was granted.

The existing East Outer Permit Area CPZ operates between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Any extension to the zone could mirror these times, though an alternative 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday operation is possible. During the period of operation, parking is only permitted within parking bays with a valid permit or ticket displayed on the vehicle windscreen. Residents and businesses within the zone boundary are eligible to purchase parking permits.

It is Council policy to engage with local residents before making decisions that affect them.   This is why your views are important to us and we would be grateful if you could complete the attached questionnaire.  Once completed, please return it in the enclosed pre-paid envelope by Wednesday, 15 November 2017.

All questionnaire responses and representations received by 15 November 2017 will be presented in a report to the next TMAC for its consideration on 13 December 2017. This feedback will assist the TMAC in reaching a decision whether to proceed with a CPZ scheme and which hours of operation are likely to be the most appropriate for the local area.

Please do not hesitate to contact Teresa O’Regan on 020 8726 7100 or by email teresa.o’ if you require further information or clarification on this proposal.

  1. What is a Controlled Parking Zone?

This is an area where parking activities are controlled by waiting restrictions

(yellow lines) and parking bays.

  1. At what times will the restrictions apply?

The proposed scheme’s hours of operation will depend on the results of the informal consultation.

  1. How long will I be able to park for during operational hours?

Permit holders and Blue Badge holders will be able to park for an unlimited period within parking bays, providing a valid permit/Blue Badge is displayed. Pay and display users will only be able to park for up to the maximum stay shown on the parking sign at the bay and on the parking machine.

  1. Who is eligible for parking permits?

Any business with a business address within the zone and any resident with a vehicle registered at an address (if planning conditions do not forbid the issuing of parking permits) within the zone would be eligible for a parking permit.  Information on how to apply for a permit will be sent to all consultees in due course if it is decided to proceed with the scheme.

  1. What about our visitors?

Visitors would only need to pay for parking during the hours of operation of the zone. Residents can purchase Resident Visitor Permits for their visitors at a cheaper rate than the normal daily tariff.  During operational hours, visitors must display either a Pay & Display ticket obtained from a nearby parking machine or purchase a cashless Resident Visitor Permit (obtained via the resident they are visiting).

  1. Why can’t we have “resident only” parking?

       The shared-use Permit / Pay & Display / Pay by phone scheme proposed is more flexible, allowing visitors, including customers of local businesses and tradespeople, to park. The permit cost is subsidised by Pay & Display / Pay by phone users. Existing shared-use schemes provide residents more opportunity to park during the hours of operation than unregulated parking as the majority of commuters are reluctant to pay for parking.

  1. Is this not just a money making scheme?

       It is a legal requirement that parking schemes are self-financed as no funding is available from the Council Tax for these types of proposals.  In outer areas, such as this proposed area, income levels are lower than town centre locations where parking demand is higher.  Charges ensure that implementation costs can be covered within 5 to 10 years.

  1. How much will permits cost?

Permit costs will match those of the existing CPZ, which are currently:


Ø  £80 per year for first vehicle

Ø  £126 per year for second vehicle

Ø  £305 per year for third and final vehicle (maximum of 3 permits per household)

Ø  £4 per day for a Residents’ Visitor Permit (maximum of 60 half day / 4 hour  permits per year per household)


Ø  £123 for three months per vehicle

Ø  £382 per year per vehicle (maximum of 2 vehicles per business)


  1. How much will pay & display tickets / pay by phone tickets cost?

     The current charges on neighbouring Davidson Road and Alexandra Road are:                

8 hour max stay roads

30 mins                             £0.40

1 hr                                   £0.80

2 hrs                                 £1.60

3 hrs                                 £2.40

4 hrs                                 £3.20

5 hrs                                 £4.00

6 hrs                                 £4.80

7 hrs                                 £5.60

8 hrs                                 £6.40       Sundays free

  1. Where will parking bays and pay & display machines be provided?

Parking bays will be marked on the carriageway in safe locations and away from junctions and dropped crossings. Yellow line waiting restrictions will be installed at locations where parking would be hazardous or cause obstruction. Pay and display machines will be provided on the footway where they would cause the least visual intrusion to residents.

  1. Can you guarantee me a parking space outside my house?

It is not possible to guarantee anyone a particular space on the public highway.

  1. How can it be ensured that motorists parking in the zone park legitimately?

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) will patrol the roads within the zone during the controlled hours. CEOs can issue a Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket) to any vehicle that is parked in a manner that contravenes parking regulations e.g. parking on a yellow line or within a parking bay without displaying a valid permit/pay and display ticket.

  1. Will I be able to park across my driveway?

       Yes, but only outside the controlled hours. It is not possible to mark bays across driveways as this would legalise obstruction.

  1. What if I do not support the introduction of controlled parking?

Vote ‘No’ on the enclosed questionnaire – if the majority of residents / businesses vote against controlled parking then a scheme is unlikely to go ahead in the road / area. If the majority of residents are in favour of a scheme there would be an opportunity to make further comments or object to the proposals at the Public Notice Stage when the scheme is formally advertised in the Croydon Guardian, by on-street notices and on the Council website. Please note that if the majority of residents in a small part of the consultation area are in favour of parking controls, then a recommendation could be made to introduce controlled parking to this area alone.

  1. What happens next?

At the end of this consultation, the votes and comments on all returned questionnaires will be analysed. The results of these will be presented in a report to the Traffic Management Cabinet Advisory Committee for consideration at its next meeting on 13 December 2017 at 6.30pm in the Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon. The Committee will then make a decision whether or not to proceed with controlled parking in your road.




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