Lebanon Road – one-way

lebanonFor over 12 years residents on Lebanon Road have been complaining that the road was being used as a rat run and, given the close proximity of the houses to the road and the road being narrower than some surrounding roads, this was causing problems and distress. The main concern was that vehicles refused to give-way causing drivers to become frustrated. Confrontations were occurring regularly and the police have had to be called on numerous occasions as fights erupted

In 2010 we undertook our own traffic survey and determined that a lot of the rat-running was non-residential and most was traffic turning down the road from Addiscombe Road. We then undertook a survey of all residents and suggested a number of options that would improve the situation. In 2010 residents overwhelming voted for Lebanon Road to become one way (87%). The preferred option was that traffic would be prevented turning into the road from Addiscombe Road. We also arranged for Council officers to meet residents on site and we have arranged meetings with representatives from residents groups in Lebanon Road, Addiscombe Court Road and Canning and Clyde.

Residents on Lebanon Road then petitioned the Council to introduce a one-way system and it was agreed, by the Traffic Management Committee, that the proposals should go out to consultation.

Therefore in March 2015 an informal consultation document including a questionnaire and plan were delivered by Council officers to residents of Lebanon Road and surrounding roads which could be affected by the proposed one way working. The document was also available on the Council’s website, inviting views and representations on the introduction of one-way working in the above roads and was circulated by the local Resident Associations.

The results of 2015 survey were:

  • Lebanon Road: 91% voted for one-way working
  • Surrounding Roads: 61% voted for the one-way working
  • Overall: 79% of residents supported the one-way working

A formal statutory consultation then took place and a report went to the Traffic Management Committee in July for consideration. This is a public meeting that anyone can attend and make representations; on the evening a representative of ECCO attended and spoke for the proposal and another local resident presented the case for an alternative to the one-way proposals. The cross party committee considered the evidence and voted for the proposals to go ahead, which have now been implemented, with cycle contra flow – allowing cyclists to move in both directions.

As Councillors we will monitor the impacts on the change on surrounding roads and would welcome any feedback on your experience.


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