Tory lies and let downs

Fury at Tory liesUnlike the Conservatives our campaign for re-election has been positive, ambitious, focussed on the issues and honest.  In comparison the Tories spent money on a wrap around the Croydon Guardian, which instead of any positive message  stated ‘Labour spending plans 27% council tax rise”. Not only is this not true as we have guaranteed we will not increase Council Tax but, under the Localism Act 2011 no council in England can increase council tax more than 2%. The Tories clearly don’t care if their lie causes strees or worry to local people. Local Addiscombe resident furious at Tory lies.

Locally the Conservative candidates have stated that we:

  • haven’t reported fly tipping (we have – and are one of the highest users of the Croydon phone app for reporting)
  • don’t live locally (we do)
  • didn’t support Ark Oval School (we did – Cllr Watson is a  founding governor)
  • haven’t done anything about traffic on residential roads (we have – it is the Conservative cabinet member who has rejected our calls for a 20mph consultation, one way systems or traffic calming)

The truth is that the Tories stated before the last election:

  • “No incinerator in Croydon” and then voted to build one
  • Labour had a secret plan to scrap weekly bin collections – and then scrapped them 
  • Said nothing about spending £140m on a new HQ – then used your money to build one
  • They would not increase council tax – but have increased Council tax and cut services
  • Said the libraries were safe – and then sold them  to a building company!
  • Never said anything about school crossing patrols – and then fired our much loved lollipop ladies. 
  • Claimed they supported the arts in Croydon – then closed the David Lean cinema, shut the Warehouse Theatre, cut support to the Fairfield Halls and sold off the treasured Riesco collection

Unlike the Tories we have also produced a Manifesto for Croydon and believe we can make Croydon better.

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