77% support 20MPH zones in Addiscombe

7.	Would you support 20 MPH zones in all residential streets your neighborhood?In September we launched a consultation on whether residents would be interested in 20MPH zones on residential roads in Addiscombe. A letter and return postcard was distributed to every house and residents could either return the card or complete the online survey. Almost 300 people took part with approximately 50/50 split between postcard and online responses.

  • Most respondents (81%) had access to a car, which is above average for Addiscombe. There were slightly more men (56% v 44%) than women;
  • The age range was from 18 to over 75 with most people (35%) in the 45 to 54 age bracket. 67% had lived in Addisocmbe more than 10 years;
  • 27% had children under 16 living with them. 16% cycled regularly (at least once a week).

The main questions were:

  1. Do you think traffic travels too fast on your road? YES 78%  NO 22%
  2. Do you have a problem with ‘rat running’ in your street (vehicles using your road as a cut through)? YES 78% Yes NO 22%
  3. Would you support a 20 MPH zone in your road / street? YES 78% NO 19% NOT SURE 3%
  4. Would you support 20 MPH zones in all residential streets your neighborhood? YES 77% NO 23%
  5. The 23% who didn’t support 20MPH gave the following reasons:
  • Not needed  58.33%
  • 30 MPH is slow enough 66.67%
  • It won’t be enforced 50%
  • Too expensive to implement 27.78%
  • It will inconvenience residents 38.89%

Do you think a 20 MPH limit in your street would improve or worsen the following:Would you support a 20 MPH zone in your road / street?

Further analysis of the results* showed that those who supported 20MPH in all residential streets broke down as follows:

  • 68% of car drivers supported 20MPH zones compared to 84% of non-car drivers
  • Women were more likely to support 20MPH zones (81%) compared to men (66%
  • Those with children under 16 were slightly less supportive (68%) compared to those without (71%)
  • People older than 45 were more likely to support (75%) than those under 45 (63%)

 *We only had data on those who completed online

About Cllr Mark Watson

Mark has lived in Addiscombe for almost 25 years, first in Oval Road and now in Lebanon Road, and was first elected in 2002 as your local councillor. As a founding governor he helped transform Ark Oval Academy into an excellent local school and as a trustee of the Sir Phillip Game youth centre he has worked for better facilities for our young people. Additionally he has campaigned on local issues including support for local businesses, reducing traffic on residential roads, cleaner streets and supported residents opposing inappropriate planning applications. As the Cabinet Member for Equalities he set up of the Family Justice Centre in Croydon, which works to protect families, children and woman from harm.
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