Battle over Menta’s Skyscraper not over, Boris Johnson still to decide

The battle over Menta’s 55 storey skyscraper is not lost, and now the Mayor of London will have to decide to support this scheme or not. Local residents can now make their feelings and comments known to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, about Croydon Council’s decision to approve Menta’s 55 Storey Skyscraper on Thursday 21st July 2011. The right to make additional comments was confirmed by a senior planner working for Mayor of London, in correspondence to a local resident and member of RECC, the local resident campaign group. Residents will have 14 days to make comments once Croydon Council submits its decision to Mayor Of London.  At this stage we are not sure when this report will be submitted but residents can make representations to the Mayor about the decision before this is done as well.

As well as asking the Mayor to oppose the 55 Storey Skyscraper as being completely inappropriate next to low rise residential homes, we ask the Mayor to directs Coydon Council to be more accountable to local residents about this scheme by.

  • Reserving Cherry Orchard Gardens site for Affordable Housing only;
  • that the £1.8 million of money set aside to improve public realm improvements be ringfenced for the Addiscombe ward and not siphoned off to Town Centre.
  • Local residents and councillors should have the major say on how this public realm money is spent and Council should set up a properly constituted steering group to achieve this, with local councillors and residents in a majority on group.
  • Any changes to the planning conditions in regards number or changes in types of residential units should have to be decided by a full planning committee of the Council, so decisions can be made accountable to residents and local councillors.
  • Addistional funding is identified to resolve the issue of the current traffic chaos around NLA Tower at East Croydon, which this skyscraper will make worse.

Local residents can do this by providing your comments either directly to Michel Mulhearn via his email or  write directly to the Mayor at City Hall, The Queens Walk, London SE1 2AA or email on

Please copy in both RECC, the local residents group, using their  and your local councillors at so we can gauge the numbers of residents opposing this scheme. We strongly suggest that local residents also make representations to local Gavin Barwell MP and Assembly member for Croydon & Sutton, Steve O’Connell, as we hope that they will be more successful in persuading Boris of the foolishness of  upholding this approval, than they were with fellow Conservatives on Croydon Council.

Addiscombe Councillors will be making their own representations to the Mayor and will be calling on Boris Johnson to make the decision in an open and accountable manner, and not behind closed doors.

Extract of letter from Michael Mulhern 26/7/2011 copy of report can be read here 1638a signed stage I report and letter

Michael Mulhern []
Sent: 26 July 2011 14:29

Subject: RE: Can the public submit information to Mayor to review alongside Strategic Planning Committee planning application referrals

The Mayor reviewed this application on 18 May 2011 and provided Croydon Council with his initial views on the scheme. The report highlights those aspects of the application that were not in line with London Plan policy. This report and letter were issued to Croydon Council and the main points were included in the Council’s committee report. I have attached this report and letter for you.

Now that Croydon Council has decided that it is minded to grant planning permission for this scheme, the Council is now required to refer the full application back to the Mayor for his final decision on the case. The Mayor can either decide to agree with the Council’s decision and allow them to grant planning permission, or he can decide to take over determination of the scheme himself and to assess the application in full again.

 The Mayor has 14 days to make this decision from the time he receives the referred application from the Council. The application has not yet been referred to the Mayor and so the 14 day timescale has not yet started. This is not unusual as it can take some time for the Council to pull together all of the relevant information for the Mayor and send it over.

 There is still time to submit your comments to the Mayor and the Mayor will be made aware of these comments in a report and presentation to him to help him make his decision on this scheme. Please note that any comments you have already provided to the Council will also be made known to the Mayor as well. The presentation to the Mayor is not a public meeting and so members of the public will not be able to attend.

 You can provide your comments either directly to me via email, or to the Mayor at City Hall, The Queens Walk, London SE1 2AA.


 Michael  Mulhern | Senior Strategic Planner & Urban Designer | Planning Decisions Unit

Greater London Authority | City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, More London Riverside, London SE1 2AA
Tel: 020 7983 6535 | Mob: 075 8455 6903

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