New Primary School for Central Croydon?

Croydon Council education department has today announced their plans to create a new Primary School in Central Croydon and has started its statutory consultation with local residents today. It is clear that the Croydon Conservatives plan to build 10,000 new homes in Croydon Town Centre will put great pressure on existing schools, and without new schools Croydon is at risk of children not being able to go to a local school in the future. The first public event will be held at Davidson Centre, Davidson Road, Addiscombe on 21st June 2011 between 4.00pm and 6.00pm. Addiscombe Councillors have already stated that they will be seeking a later finish so working parents can attend.

Croydon Council Statutory Notice May 12th 2011: “Croydon has experienced a sharp increase in demand for reception places in recent years.  To respond to this, in the last three years we have created 240 additional permanent primary school places, an increase of eight forms of entry, including funding The Crescent Primary School which will open in September.

Despite this additional capacity, in September 2011 we will be able to meet demand only by the significant use of temporary “bulge” classes in a number of schools.  Our projections indicate that this demand will continue requiring permanent additional places in the central growth area.  We therefore need to move from temporary to permanent solutions so we are consulting on proposals to open a further new primary school in central Croydon.

The consultation period runs from 13 May to 1 July.  We are keen to hear your views and to ask for your help in ensuring that our proposals will provide the best possible learning environment for local children, parents and learners.  Please send your comments and feedback by email by midday on Friday 1 July to or in by writing  to New School Consultation, 2 nd floor, Taberner House, Park Lane, Croydon, CR9 1TP.

The process, subject to the outcome of consultation, is as follows:

Phase One: May – July 2011

Initial statutory consultation on proposal to establish a new school (13 May-1 July).

Public meeting date: Tuesday 21 June, 4.00-6.00 pm

Davidson Centre, Davidson Road, Croydon CR0 6DD

A report detailing the outcome of the consultation will be taken to the council’s Cabinet on Monday 11 July when Members will decide whether to proceed to a competition.  The report, along with associated papers will be available on the Council’s website.

Phase Two: July – November 2011

Invitation to bid – during this period parties interested in establishing a new school on the Davidson site would have the opportunity to develop their proposals in liaison with the Council.  Bids would be requested by a specific date in mid November

Phase Three: December 2011 – January 2012

Publication of proposals (which may be from more than one bidder), statutory notice and representation period.  This would include a public meeting during December.

Final decision: February/March 2012

The decision will be taken by the local authority if the school is independent of the local authority ie where the local authority is not a member of the foundation.

Contact Details

Contact name: School place planning
Department:Department for children, young people and learners
Telephone: 020 8726 6400″

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Councillor for Addiscombe Ward, 1994-2006, re-elected in May 2010 along with Mark Watson and Patricia Hay-Justice. Since May 2014 Chair of Scrutiny. Lives locally in Addiscombe.
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  1. Signs of consultation remain non-existant a month or so on. However I did come across some more information on the council website that included a questionnaire that could allegedly also be completed online (if it can then I can’t see how). My thinking is…

    There are around 95 primary schools in the borough so on average they should be covering a catchment area of about 1/3 square mile, though of course this will vary by the size of the school and population density. On 2010 admissions figures Davidson took in pupils from an area at least ten times that size, as did Heavers Meadow just down the road. Woodside on the other hand took in pupils from about a 3/4 square mile area. So that says to me that local demand is being satisfied, but demand a mile or so away isn’t. A mile is a long way for primary school pupils.

    It seems the council plan is for a four form entry school on the site and incredibly they see it as taking in pupils from a two mile radius. Why would anyone ever think that is an acceptable distance to expect a primary school pupil to travel? That is a twelve and half square mile area or to put it another way over a third of the area of the borough. There should be about thirty primary schools within that area (I haven’t checked how many there actually are). That screams to me that they are putting the school in one place to satisfy demand in completely different areas, simply because they happen to have a building handy even though it is clearly unsuitable because of multiple floors and lack of green space (or do they propose to impose their pupils on Davidson Primary’s field?), not to mention the transport issues.

    The aim SHOULD be to have children *walking* to a local Primary school no more than half a mile away from their home. They should be meeting demand in a much more localised fashion.

    No new residential developments should be permitted without the creation of school spaces in the immediate area to meet increased demand.

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