Ros Sandell, Head of Fairchildes School to take over Oval School (for now)

At the Council Tax meeting on Monday Night, Cabinet Member Cllr Tim Pollard read out a statement on Oval School. As previously indicated Croydon Council has appointed a Headteacher of a Croydon School to take over the leadership of Oval until a more permanent appointment is decided. Ros Sandell, Headteacher of Fairchildes School, New Addington, has taken on this role. Cllr Pollard stated the appointment had the support of the Chair of Governors at Oval School. Cllr Sean Fitzsimons, local Addiscombe Councillor, welcomed the appointment of a Headteacher who has experience of working in a Croydon School, and who has success in improving performance of her pupils.

Cllr Fitzsimons¬† did express disappointment that for the second week running local council officers and Cllr Pollard had failed to inform Addiscombe Councillors of their intentions toward Oval School. He said, “Council Officers and Cllr Pollard have our email addresses and our telephone numbers, I can’t see how hard it can be for them to phone or email us, to tell us what is happening, what have they got to hide?”

Last week Cllr Fitzsimons got agreement from Chair of the Main Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Steve Hollands, to accept that the issue of Oval School be discussed at 1st March Main Scrutiny Committee, and Cllr Sean Fitzsimons has stated that he is seeking support from the committee, for it to carry out a formal review of the events of the last few weeks at Oval School, and to find out what went wrong and what lessons can be learnt.

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Councillor for Addiscombe Ward, 1994-2006, re-elected in May 2010 along with Mark Watson and Patricia Hay-Justice. Since May 2014 Chair of Scrutiny. Lives locally in Addiscombe.
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