Residents force parking U-Turn

In total 3943 objections (e-mails and letters) and 14 petitions were sent to the Council, including the petition your Councillors presented to the council meeting on Monday 31st January. As Councillors we are particularly worried about how these changes will impact on our elderly or disabled neighbours who are concerned that they will receive fewer visitors and less support. Our own survey found that less than 5% of respondents thought these changes were necessary.

The paper being presented to the Traffic Management Cabinet Meeting tomorrow evening has the following recommendations:

  • Consider the objections and petitions received in response to the formal consultation on the proposal to extend parking controls in the Croydon Controlled Parking Zone
  • Agree not to extend the parking controls in the East Inner, East Outer, West, South and southern part of the North Permit Zone all forming part of the Outer Permit Zones.
  • Agree to only increase parking controls to an 8am to midnight, Monday to Sunday operation in the northern part of the North Permit Zone in roads surrounding Croydon University Hospital
  • Agree not to extend the operational hours of the district off-street car parks to an ‘At any time’ operation.

The most frequent objection points most of which form part of a pro forma response (in the region of 95%) are summarised below:

  1. The proposal is unfair, unreasonable and particularly discriminates against us as residents living within a Croydon Parking sub-zone.
  2. There are insufficient parking bays for the number of households requiring them.  Residents and their visitors have come to rely on using single yellow lines to park in the evenings and at weekends when they are mostly at home.
  3. Friends and family visiting on Sundays and evenings will have to pay to park in a bay if they are fortunate to find one nearby. This will have a detrimental effect on our quality of life.
  4. Shopping habits since 2002, when similar changes were last proposed, have not caused more shoppers to park farther out in the outer parking sub-zones.
  5. There is no evidence to support the view that the lack of parking spaces is due to extra traffic – the majority of vehicles parking in bays or on single yellow lines outside the controlled hours display permits.
  6. Expecting a small percentage of Croydon residents, their friends and families to help plug a Council revenue gap, when the cost of permits is increasing from £48 to £70 from April 2011 is also unfair.
  7. Increasing the hours of operation of off-street council run car parks to 24/7 will not help residents to park. These car parks are not within easy reach of most residents in the sub-zones and the security of residents when making a long walk back in the evenings will be at risk.
  8. Sunday parking controls will have a significant detrimental impact on worshippers of the 10+ churches within the outer Croydon permit zones.

We would like to thank everyone who responded to our survey and petition and to all those who emailed and wrote to the Council.

About Cllr Mark Watson

Mark has lived in Addiscombe for almost 25 years, first in Oval Road and now in Lebanon Road, and was first elected in 2002 as your local councillor. As a founding governor he helped transform Ark Oval Academy into an excellent local school and as a trustee of the Sir Phillip Game youth centre he has worked for better facilities for our young people. Additionally he has campaigned on local issues including support for local businesses, reducing traffic on residential roads, cleaner streets and supported residents opposing inappropriate planning applications. As the Cabinet Member for Equalities he set up of the Family Justice Centre in Croydon, which works to protect families, children and woman from harm.
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