Parking Update

As Councillors we are particularly anxious about how these changes will impact on our elderly or disabled neighbours who are worried that they will receive fewer visitors and less support. The increased costs of parking permits and hours will also hit those on low incomes the hardest. We believe that this is an unfair and regressive tax on Addiscombe residents, their families and friends and For these reasons we have opposed the changes and are critical of the steep increase in costs of permits.

We have also presented the findings of our survey to Council officers. Almost 200 people responded to the survey and less than 5% of respondents believe that these changes are necessary to stop non-residents parking in their road and 93% believe that the changes will have either a negative or very negative impact on their households.

The issue is to be decided at the Traffic Management Cabinet Committee on Wednesday 9th February  from 6:30pm (Room F10 in the Town Hall). Members of the public are welcome however your Councillors will be in attendance and we will let residents know the outcome as soon as we can.

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About Cllr Mark Watson

Mark has lived in Addiscombe for almost 25 years, first in Oval Road and now in Lebanon Road, and was first elected in 2002 as your local councillor. As a founding governor he helped transform Ark Oval Academy into an excellent local school and as a trustee of the Sir Phillip Game youth centre he has worked for better facilities for our young people. Additionally he has campaigned on local issues including support for local businesses, reducing traffic on residential roads, cleaner streets and supported residents opposing inappropriate planning applications. As the Cabinet Member for Equalities he set up of the Family Justice Centre in Croydon, which works to protect families, children and woman from harm.
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