Croydon, the new centre of poverty in London

Areas of Outer South London, like Addiscombe and Croydon are predicted to have more poorer residents in future as a result of government changes to the housing benefit system. Many areas of Inner London will become too expensive for residents on low income to rent in the private sector, due to forthcoming restrictions of housing benefits, and as a result poorer residents will seek private accommodation in areas that remain “affordable” such as Croydon. Addiscombe, in which over 20% of the housing stock is privately rented, is likely to be especially affected.

For more information on this please Dave Hill’s blog in the Guardian.

and to see the actual report from Shelter at

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Councillor for Addiscombe Ward, 1994-2006, re-elected in May 2010 along with Mark Watson and Patricia Hay-Justice. Since May 2014 Chair of Scrutiny. Lives locally in Addiscombe.
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