“Friends Group” for the Addiscombe Railway Park?

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On Saturday 25th September 2010 a number of local residents and local councillor Sean Fitzsimons carried out a walkabout of the Addiscombe Railway Park with representatives of Chase RA, Home RA, Canning & Clyde RA, and Warren & Hasting RA.

At the conclusion of the walkabout residents agreed that we would like to work with the Council to help set up a “Friends of the Park Group” for the Addiscombe Railway Park to help improve what should be a great local green space.

Issues we found on the day were

  • Condition of new tarmac path: this is already breaking up
  • Entrance from East India Way: the present gate is too low and easily climbed. There is a large gap between the gatepost and wall and it is easy for even large people to squeeze through
  • Japanese knotweed: a lot of money was spent on treating this, it is coming back in places, it would be sad to see if re-established.
  • Lighting to the East India Way: residents says the lamp post to the entrance still doesn’t work
  • Land previously used by Harris & Bailey: this has not been left in a good or usable condition
  • Blackhorse Lane Bridge: there are numerous plants growing out of the brickwork
  • Land by Woodside school: lack of topsoil, some topsoil has been put down but still not enough for plant or grass to grow
  • Anti-social behaviour: local residents confirmed a number of incidents this summer. one bench has been identified as the focus for young people and drinks
  • Lack of privacy for adjoining residents: new planting needed, especially along parts of the park that run by back gardens of Dalmally Road.
  • Lack of care for park: over the last year contractors have rutted up the grounds and no effort been made to restore the ground, dumped rubbish in some areas.

Residents are keen on the setting up the Friends Group for the following reasons

  • to give the local community the lead role in making the park a better place.
  • to make it a safe place for all to use and for adjoining residents
  • to help plan the park’s future direction
  • to provide a safe and interesting play area for younger local children
  • to consider innovative planting ideas to encourage community use such as planting fruit & nut trees, and soft fruit plants.
  • to work with Cherry Orchard Garden Centre, our local social enterprise, to help achieve the improvements
  • to encourage more people to use it

Residents are keen to hold a meeting with other local residents in October 2010 and have identified a date on either 20th or 21st October 2010, we hope to have an officer of Croydon Council to come along to explain how we can best set up an effective friends group. We are also seeking a person from another friends group to explain what they did or are currently doing.

Local residents who are keen to get involved can email addiscombe@croydonlabour.org.uk.

Pictures of park on 25th September 2010

About Sean

Councillor for Addiscombe Ward, 1994-2006, re-elected in May 2010 along with Mark Watson and Patricia Hay-Justice. Since May 2014 Chair of Scrutiny. Lives locally in Addiscombe.
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