Slightly more buses to run on 410 Bus Route from August 2010

Residents in the Davidson Road area have complained that it is difficult to get on the 410 bus due to overcrowding but things may be about to change, if only slightly. This bus route runs from Crystal Palace to Wallington, via Davidson Road and East and West Croydon stations. Overcrowding is especially acute on Davidson Road in the morning, but can be a problem any time of day. An officer from Croydon Council transportation team has advised that the frequency of the 410 will increase from 7.5 buses an hour to 8 buses an hour. This may make a difference but we will have to keep this under review.

London Buses have advised that Network Development reviewed the 410 bus service last year and proposed a frequency increase from 71/2 buses/hr to 8 buses/hr which is due to be implemented from August 2010. While this service level increase may appear marginal it does reflect the scale of the assessed need at the time. The effects of this imminent adjustment could be reviewed from August onward and the issue raised again at October PTLP (Passenger Transport Liaison Panel) if appropriate.” Stewart Saunders, Senior Transportation Planner, Croydon Council, 29th June 2010.

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