Lebanon Road Residents Survey

See full size imageI have produced a short survey and would appreciate feedback from any residents on Lebanon Road (and surrounding roads) on the options suggested. Based on this feedback I will organise a petition which I will present to the council. I am also meeting with council officers to discuss how we might restrict heavy goods vehicles using Lebanon Road as a cut through.

Cllr Mark Watson

About Cllr Mark Watson

Mark has lived in Addiscombe for almost 25 years, first in Oval Road and now in Lebanon Road, and was first elected in 2002 as your local councillor. As a founding governor he helped transform Ark Oval Academy into an excellent local school and as a trustee of the Sir Phillip Game youth centre he has worked for better facilities for our young people. Additionally he has campaigned on local issues including support for local businesses, reducing traffic on residential roads, cleaner streets and supported residents opposing inappropriate planning applications. As the Cabinet Member for Equalities he set up of the Family Justice Centre in Croydon, which works to protect families, children and woman from harm.
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  1. Certainly some new measures need to be put in place to stop lorries, cars, scooters speeding down the road. I’m sure you can easily clock 40mph down this road.

    I would also like the area on the bend to have double yellow lines to prevent anyone from parking on it.

    We do not need to make the roads any narrower than they already are.

    One way system but which way? Towards Croydon or towards Leslie park road? tough call as I need to go both ways at times.

    A ban on lorries? How would you control delivery lorries from going up and down the road. It would be nice though.

    I do believe that raising the speed bumps will help.

  2. Lebanon Rd should be made one-way North to South as Addiscombe Court Rd runs in the opposite direction for most of its length and Tunstall Rd runs counter to that. Thus it would create a circular flow spreading the volume of traffic across the roads, rather than concentrating the weight of it on Lebanon Rd.
    The weight of traffic at present travels South to North, and seems to be drivers seeking to avoid Cherry Orchard Rd and having to go all the way around the roundabout to drive on to West Croydon etc. I support the idea of 20mph speed limit but who will enforce it?
    From my observations about 90% of cars travelling Lebanon Rd at peak times do not bear residents Parking Permits, which suggests that they are from well outside the central Croydon area.
    The situation has been made worse in the last year as the council has created new parking bays and removed passing points.

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