Labour win back Addiscombe

A message from your new Addiscombe Labour Councillors

We would like to thank our supporters and Labour Party colleagues for all the hard work they put into helping get us elected. We will endeavour to not let you down.

We would also like to thank the departing councillors, Maria Garcia, Andrew Price and Russell Jackson for the dedication they have shown the ward for the last 4 years and we will make an extra effort to keep up their good work. We also promise to work with the all the parties who stood at the election in Addiscombe, Lib Dems, Greens, Conservatives, and UKIP to make Addiscombe a better place.

We will fight to turn our election promises into reality, in particular we will fight the 10,000 homes proposals by the Council for Town Centre and Central Croydon, and will argue for a lower density, mix-tenure scheme for the Cherry Orchard Road, not just a luxury development only accessible to the well-off.

We will also continue to talk and listen to the people of Addiscombe. Please use the contact details on this website, and please use our number 020 8819 5597 to leave a message, or email us on or twitter @addiscombefirst.

Thank you all.

Mark, Patricia and Sean

Addiscombe Ward Results 2010

Sean Fitzsimons (Lab)         2839
Mark Watson (Lab)             2683
Patricia Hay-Justice (Lab)    2497
Maria Garcia (Con)            2445
Andrew Price (Con)            2171
Robert King (Con)             2076
Christopher Adams (LD)        1569
Tomas Howard-Jones (LD)       1400
Ejnar Sorensen (LD)           1195
Tracey Hague (Grn)             432
David Petro (Grn)              353
Martyn Post (Grn)              352
Peter Staveley (UKIP)          296
electorate 11748 : turnout 7386 (63%) : swing 5.4% from Con to Lab

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